How do I order?

If you live in the Netherlands, our home-base, you can place an order without any problem via the website

If you live outside the Netherlands and are interested in one of our items, please send us an e-mail and we send you the total price (product price + transport costs) as soon as possible. The dimensions, weight and transport costs of every item are unique and therefor a tailer-made quotation should offer the best possible price in our eyes. 

You can contact us via sales@theposeidoncollection.com or via the contact-page on our site.


Ordering seems not possible, how comes?

We deliver in almost all countries in the world, but if you live outside the Netherlands please contact us first. We have to calculate transport-costs and introduce them on our site before you will be able to order via the website. You can contact us via sales@theposeidoncollection.com or via the contact-page on our site. Please note that an item remains available for other clients when you express your interest or when we send you a quotation.


Is there a possibility to see an item before you buy?

This is possible of course: we are situated in the Netherlands in Heemskerk and Assendelft. Please send us an e-mail and we make an appointment, no costs are involved. Most items are not in storage on our visiting address, which means we might need one day to arrange the show. 


Is it possible to return a product?

Of course this is possible, although you have to pay the costs for the return shipment and we give you a discount coupon for future purchases. Please send us an e-mail within twenty working days after delivery if you want to return the product. The discount coupon is maximised to the price of the product you return minus our transport costs. 


What if the product is damaged during transport?

We kindly ask to send us photos of the damaged product. We contact the carrier and if necessary our insurance company. We keep in touch with you per e-mail to enable us to solve the issue together.


Is it possible to sell your items via our website?

In specific cases this is possible. Please send an e-mail with photos of the products. If we are interested in selling your item we contact you to discuss price and sales-commission.


Are we interested in buying items from you?

You can always give it a try and send an e-mail to us with photos and a description of the product.


Can you ask us to find an item for you?

Indeed this is possible! We kindly ask you to contact us and describe the item you have been looking for. We do a search in our network and inform you about possibilities and costs.